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The Brandon Caserta Story: Ring the Bell on Toxic Leadership

The River City Charlie Podcast is the first podcast focused on military true crime and injustice. Unlike so many true crime podcasts, RCC does not present true crimes in party atmosphere that is disrespectful of victims. Instead, this is a true effort to present facts in a no holds barred format that brings listeners back to a time when compelling stories were told with integrity.

Author Cilla McCain uses her storytelling and investigative skills to bring long-buried and newly emerging mysteries to light. With Producer Tracy Shue – a veteran and Gold Star Wife of a murdered officer- these women are on a mission to give military families and our nations service members a voice.

River City Charlie sprouted from the very important initiatives of the organization Military Families for Justice. MFFJ is seeking legislation for bereaved military families who do not have a voice in the legal process surrounding their tragedies.  More than a decade of experience and research is being put to work for every raw and compelling episode in production.


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