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It's River City

Updated: Nov 17, 2019

Shortly after launching our first episode we changed the name of our show from "The Whiskey Tango Foxtrot" to "River City Charlie." The reason for the change is because we discovered that far too many podcasts were using a variation of the first title (which we chose from the NATO Alphabet.) However, the title River City Charlie has a deeper meaning, so we consider this an important change.

"River City" is an alert that bloodshed has occurred on a military installation and all forms of outside communication needs to be shut down. The first time I heard of this code was during research for the upcoming book about the murder of *Colonel Mike Stahlman, USMC. I found this chilling term among the NCIS statements received via a FOIA request. I'm sharing a portion of that statement in this post. When you read it, I hope you will keep in mind that Col. Stahlman's shooting was already being labeled self-inflicted despite protocols that all unattended deaths or injuries are to be treated as a crime until evidence proves otherwise. Reams of forensic evidence has proven Stahlman was murdered. But like so many other injustices in the military, investigators refuse to admit mistakes.

Today would have been Col. Stahlman's 57th birthday. We use the name "River City Charlie" as a salute to him and all of the other victims of military crime and injustice.



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